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Do you dream of meeting the producers?

This is possible – we would like to invite you to our special screening that includes an introduction by the producers!

Special screenings offer unique experiences where the film is introduced by special guests from the production team, the actors or even the authors themselves.

Each special screening is unique and even improvised, involving all guests. You can hear exciting stories ranging from how the idea was born to how the film got to the screens and maybe even hear about future plans.

Unique meetings with producers give you a unique opportunity to meet the guests, ask questions and give direct feedback.

Of course, there will be an opportunity to thank them, too.

"The Sisters of Savvusanna", which premiered as the
first Estonian documentary in the competition program
of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival and won
the best director prize in the World Cinema
Documentary Competition Program, invites you to
meet the filmmakers: On March 22 at 19:30 Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza On March 23 at 20:15 at Apollo Kino Eeden On March 26 at 18:00 at Apollo Kino Pärnu

Join in at the meeting with the creators!

Come and be part of a meeting with movie creators!

Meet the beloved poetess Kristiina Ehin's life and
work with the makers of the film "Vetelkõndija":
On March 15 at 18:00 at Apollo Kino Lõunakeskus